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How to setup akuafoil file

How to set up akuafoil file

Turn a large range of CMYK colours into multi-coloured gradient foils. Akuafoil uses a unique foil system that is implemented under a 4/c process to create an array of foil colours. It's simple, affordable, and makes your prints stand above average. So get creative, the design and print results are only limited by your imagination.

For an Akuafoil job, you must include a separate Akuafoil mask file along with your CMYK file. The mask file indicates where the Akuafoil will be applied.  Use 100% K where Akuafoil needs to be implemented and white where the Akuafoil is not applied.

Silver Akuafoil

If you would  like the highest quality plain silver print in akuafoil, make sure to have at least 15% K in the CMYK file to have the best metallic silver results.

Additional akuafoil information

Here are some more things to keep in mind when creating your Akuafoil artwork: Make sure the mask and CMYK print file are aligned. They should match exactly in size and position.Akuafoil works best on lighter colors. The darker the CMYK color, the less vibrant the Akuafoil effect. Do not use very thin or small text and artwork with Akuafoil. Use San Serif fonts above 12 point for best results. If you have Akuafoil applied to a white area, it will have a plain silver Akuafoil look. For better quality we recommend creating mask files in vector based programs such as Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
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